A new email list and a unique business opportunity for marketers

Gain insight into the Data to find Sales Opportunity

As time keeps going by,Guest Posting so many aspects of the world change. One such change can be witnessed in the business setup. That is the evolution of prominent B2B database service provider AverickMedia as it has brought out a new mailing database. This might interest a lot of marketers. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons for that:

A quick guide to this email database

The B2B Email Lists offered by AverickMedia is a dually verified, authenticated email database that’s also refurbished on a timely basis. This mailing list has everything of use to the marketers, such as:

Data coverage spanning 11M companies and 34M decision-makers
1.9K+ Leads at companies with more than 5K employees
210K+ New Business Email, Direct-dial Contact Database
392K Leads at companies with more than $1M in revenue
And many more…

Along with vital information like this, marketers can also gain access to valuable additional stuff that would include complete profiles of the company and decision-makers, their contact details, and info of the geographical location. Therefore, marketers will have so much to gain if they make up their minds to purchase the B2B Mailing Lists.

Plus points of this mailing database

The B2B Mailing List provides marketers benefits like these:

Bigger and better leads across the US market.
Newer and ideal target audience.
Good gains and higher revenue.
Budget-friendly and time-conserving.
And plenty more…
Some extra leads that AverickMedia has to offer

184K+ Automotive Leads
599K+ Bank and Financial Leads
433K+ Construction Leads
673K+ Education Leads
269K+ Food and Beverage Leads
93K+ Energy and Utilities
361K+ Hospital/Clinics
3.2M+ Healthcare Leads
129K+ Oil and Gas Leads
171K+ Real Estate Leads
648K+ Manufacturing Leads
320K+ Transportation leads
22K+ Mining Industry Emails
And lots more….
About AverickMedia:

AverickMedia is a leading database service provider that seeks to provide accurate and authenticated industry-specific B2B data lists based on the requirement of the marketers. Gaining access to these data lists can benefit marketers since it is dually verified and authorized, making it reliable. AverickMedia ensures that marketers save time and budget.

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